NRDC Action Fund Ad Blasts Senators Yudichak and Blake for Stalling Pennsylvania’s Clean Power Plan


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HARRISBURG (April 29, 2016) – The NRDC Action Fund today is launching a five-figure radio ad criticizing Pennsylvania lawmakers John Yudichak and John Blake for voting to delay Governor Tom Wolf’s work on a state Clean Power Plan, which aims to clean up the air and boost clean energy jobs.

“Don’t they get that clean energy would be good for our economy and create lots of new jobs?” one narrator says in the radio ad. Another narrator responds, “Yeah, and what about improving our health… reducing pollution will make the air cleaner… and help thousands of kids in the state who suffer from asthma.”

The 60-second radio ad will run from April 29 to May 8 in the Scranton and Wilkes Barre markets. It calls on Yudichak and Blake, key state senators who represent the 14th and 22nd districts in those areas, to stop putting polluters ahead of Pennsylvania children.

“It’s disappointing that senators Yudichak and Blake are turning their back on Governor Wolf’s plans to reduce harmful carbon pollution and accelerate the transition to clean energy,” said Mark Szybist of the NRDC Action Fund and a native of Williamsport, PA. “Senators Yudichak and Blake should support, not try to sidetrack, the governor’s vital work—backed by 82 percent of Pennsylvanians—to develop a state Clean Power Plan that best suits our communities and economy. And they can do so by opposing SB 1195 now before the full Senate.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has finalized the Clean Power Plan, which sets the first-ever limits on power plant carbon pollution, a key driver of climate change. Under the plan, states can create their own customized plans to meet those limits, or EPA may impose a standard, potentially less flexible, federal plan upon them.

On April 12, the state Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee approved SB 1195, with Yudichak and Blake voting in favor. It could come up for a full Senate vote soon.

SB 1195 amends a 2014 state law that already gives the General Assembly at least 100 days to review—and comment on –a state Clean Power Plan. After that the state can revise its plan and the General Assembly can again review it before it’s submitted to the EPA for approval.

SB 1195 nearly doubles the review period and extends the post-feedback legislative review so long the state may be unable to submit a plan to the EPA.

“SB 1195 is a clear assault on the Clean Power Plan and Pennsylvania’s ability to chart its best course to cut harmful pollution, expand renewable energy and create good-paying jobs,” said Szybist.

Click here to listen to the NRDC Action Fund radio ad:

The text of the ad follows:

SFX:                Sound of a coffee shop.  Ruffle of newspaper.

MAN:              Wow… I can’t believe that.

WOMAN:        What?

MAN:              State Senators John Yudichak and John Blake voted to hold up Governor Wolf’s proposed clean power plan

WOMAN:        I can’t believe that either – I thought they were pretty good legislators.

MAN:              Don’t they get that clean energy would be good for our economy and create lots of new jobs?

WOMAN:        Yeah, and what about improving our health… reducing pollution will make the air cleaner… and help thousands of kids in the state who suffer from asthma.

MAN:              If the state doesn’t develop it’s own clean power plan – the EPA could impose a plan from Washington – a plan that won’t be designed for Pennsylvania.

WOMAN:        What’s the saying – “cutting off your nose to spite your face?”

MAN:              Exactly.

WOMAN:        I think it’s time the legislature got it’s priorities straight – and stopped putting polluters ahead of our kids.

ANCR:             Tell State Senators John Yudichak and John Blake to support Governor Wolf and the Pennsylvania Clean Power Plan.  Paid for by NRDC Action Fund.


About the NRDC Action Fund:

The NRDC Action Fund’s mission is to build political support in the United States for protecting the planet and its people. We mobilize influential constituencies, experts, community leaders and others to directly advocate for clean air and water, public health, biodiversity, and a stable climate. We support candidates who stand up for environmental protection, and we expose those who side with polluters rather than the public good. Visit for more information.



NRDC Action Fund endorses Kamala Harris for Senate

Kamala_Harris_Official_Attorney_General_PhotoSan Francisco – The NRDC Action Fund today announced its endorsement of California Attorney General Kamala Harris in her race for the U.S. Senate. Harris is running for the Senate seat now held by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), who is not seeking re-election.

“California has a long history of sending environmental champions like Senator Boxer to Washington. Kamala Harris is the candidate best positioned to continue that tradition as a strong voice for clean air, clean water and American leadership on fighting climate change,” said Annie Notthoff, NRDC Action Fund California director. “She’s a fighter and she gets results. That’s the kind of senator we Californians deserve.”

Harris has advocated for bold action on renewable energy, pledging to push for a national standard that will create jobs while lowering emissions that contribute to global warming. She has prosecuted polluters throughout her career as a public servant, paying special attention to environmental justice cases and protecting those most vulnerable to harm from pollution.

“I’m honored to have the support of the NRDC Action Fund in this race,” said Harris. “I’m proud of the work we’ve done in California to fight climate change, hold polluters accountable and win justice for families who have been harmed by environmental disasters. While Congress has failed to act on climate change and protecting our environment, I’ll bring California’s bold approach to these issues to Washington.”


NRDC Action Fund’s Weekly News Summary


Photo by NASA/Expedition 40 crew member

Happy Earth Day! This is what the NRDC Action Fund has been reading this week:

Historic Earth Day – Today, hundreds of countries will be signing the landmark Paris climate agreement, starting a new chapter in the world’s effort to act on climate. (NRDC President Rhea Suh’s Medium)

Moral argument to #ActOnClimate – This Monday, religious leaders of all faiths have signed an interfaith statement supporting climate action, emphasizing their “moral responsibility” to preserve a livable planet for future generations. (Climate Change News)

For Dems only? – Climate has become a big campaign issue in the Democratic primary, but Republicans have barely mentioned the issue. (Grist)

The coal question – Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, is skeptical about which candidate to support: Ted Cruz has been the strongest on coal, but Donald Trump promised supporters that coal will make a big comeback. (Grist)

Republicans turn a blind eye to science – Adam Frank reminds us that Republicans and climate change weren’t always at odds and that climate deniers and the rejection of science have greater implications on our society. (NPR)

Constituents aren’t happy – South Floridians are aware that their state is is heavily threatened by climate change and rising sea levels and are frustrated with their political leaders’ lack of action on climate change. (Nashville Public Radio)

Last Week Tonight in this week’s update – John Oliver prompts lawmakers to be as concerned as the puppets on Sesame Street when it comes to lead poisoning. (Last Week Tonight)

NRDC Action Fund’s Weekly News Summary


This is what the NRDC Action Fund has been reading this week:

Flint residents still can’t drink their tap water – Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) blocked a vote on a provision to provide funding to Flint, despite bipartisan support for providing the $250 million for repairs to the water lines and to address the public health effects from the crisis. (CNN)

Why stop with climate science? How far is too far? – GOP presidential candidates have rejected our shared reality of climate change, which is arguably a part of a larger trend of science denial. (NPR)

BILL BILL BILL BILL – Bill Nye doesn’t think Republicans have a shot at the White House as long as they keep denying climate change is real, thanks in part to millennials. (International Business Times)

Voters care about climate change – Precinct walkers and political spending are helping to make climate a salient issue for the November 2016 elections. (The American Prospect)

High stakes election – President Obama’s climate legacy, especially with the Paris climate agreement, will depend on who is elected as the next President. (International Business Times)

No really, it’s incredibly high stakes – This election will have a profound effect on one of the greatest risks facing the world right now — but people have a hard time grasping the dangers of climate change. (New York Times)

It’s not enough on its own – The next U.S. president will need to go further with climate action in order to meet commitments in the Paris agreement. (The Houston Chronicle)

NRDC Action Fund’s Weekly News Summary

This is what the NRDC Action Fund has been reading this week:

Photo by: Day Donaldson, Flickr

Photo by: Day Donaldson, Flickr

Trump and Cruz would undo climate efforts – Responding to a survey from the conservative American Energy Alliance, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both said they would undo pretty much all of President Obama’s climate policies. (Wall Street Journal, The Hill)

Ted Cruz fact-checked – On the campaign trail Ted Cruz likes to say the EPA is trying to regulate “puddles” with its Waters of the United States rule clarification. PolitiFact this week rated his claim “mostly false.” (PolitiFact Florida)

Leo calls out GOP presidential candidates – Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio took advantage of a press conference for his film The Revenant to attack the GOP presidential candidates for their backward positions on climate science, saying “We should not have a candidate who doesn’t believe in modern science to be leading our country…. Climate change is one of the most concerning issues facing all humanity and the United States needs to do its part.” (The Guardian)

Rising urgency to rising seas – With current carbon dioxide emissions levels, sea level rise will be much worse than we thought — nearly double initial projections — by 2100 because of melting ice on Antarctica. Coastal communities are at an even greater risk in a shorter timeframe as a result. (Washington Post, New York Times)

Why don’t we ask presidential candidates more about climate change? – Even though climate change is the most urgent issue of our time, less than 2% of presidential primary debate questions have been about climate change. (Media Matters)

The whole planet should fear a Trump win – Although his positions on climate change policies are virtually indistinguishable from the other GOP presidential contenders, his logic takes it to another level. (Washington Post)

Americans are increasingly concerned – Sixty-four percent of Americans – up from 55% – said they are either worried a “great deal” or a “fair amount” about climate change. Have GOP lawmakers gotten the message? (MSNBC)

Breaking rank with GOP on climate – Will Republicans break rank on climate change and stop denying? There’s some reason for hope. (Huffington Post)

Bafflingly, Trump thinks he’s an environmentalist –  Donald Trump said in 2014: “I happen to be, in my own way, an environmentalist.” But it’s easy to consider a problem solved when you don’t think there’s a problem in the first place. (Washington Post)

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