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NRDC Action Fund: World Rejects Trump’s Retreat on Climate Change

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NRDC Action Fund: World Rejects Trump’s Retreat on Climate Change

WASHINGTON (October 4, 2016) – The European Union this week signaled it will formally approve the Paris climate agreement, clearing a key participation threshold that will put the historic accord into effect in record time. Rhea Suh, president of the NRDC Action Fund, issued the following statement:

“With breathtaking speed, the world has united to protect our kids and all future generations from climate chaos. This is due, in large part, to the Obama Administration’s leadership in limiting U.S. carbon emissions and rallying other countries to do their part to curb climate change. Putting the Paris agreement into force now should trump any misguided attempt by Donald Trump to cancel this historic global climate plan.  We will not walk away from our commitments. It’s no more in our national interest to back out of the Paris agreement than Trump’s other dangerous ideas to break our promise to defend our NATO allies or make good on the national debt.”


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