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Can you depend on Fred Upton?

All year we’ve seen Representative Fred Upton run away from his previous positions. Now, he’s trying to repeal his own legislation. And once again, Upton’s new position is bad for his constituents.

Four years ago, Upton introduced an energy efficiency bill saying that it would save “hundreds of millions of dollars for American taxpayers.”1 This legislation was signed into law by President George W. Bush and would save the average household more than $100 each year. But now, Upton is trying to roll back his own legislation. What will he change his mind on next? Click here to urge Upton to defend his energy efficiency legislation, not attack it.

Upton’s most recent flip flop is part of a worrisome trend: he is reversing his previous positions. In another example of this, Upton voted in 1990 in support of the Clean Air Act — but earlier this year he introduced legislation that would undermine it (and misled his constituents about his efforts).2

New energy efficiency standards ensure consumers can rely on their light bulbs to meet common-sense standards. Efficient incandescent bulbs that meet the new standards and save us money are already available in stores.

Using updated technology will bring significant benefits on many levels. As the Old Fred Upton said in 2007: “With more efficient bulbs, we will dramatically lower our energy use, reducing greenhouse gases as well as saving American families billions of dollars in their electric bills.”3

But, if the New Fred Upton is successful at rolling back these standards, we’ll lose out on $10 billion of potential savings on our national utility bill (and energy savings equivalent to 30 large power plants). It’ll mean higher household utility bills.4

The light bulb energy efficiency standards were the right thing to do in 2007 – and they’re still the right thing today. But, given his changes in position, perhaps you are wondering like I am: what does Fred Upton actually stand for?

Please urge him to do the right thing today.

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