The Mark UP

Join us at the People’s Climate March

This Saturday in Washington and cities around the world many will be marching to demand climate action. NRDC Action Fund staff, donors and friends will be part of the NRDC presence at the People’s Climate March to send a clear message that we want a healthier world for future generations. Americans did not vote last November to empower coal, oil and gas lobbyists, and we will not be silent while they join the Trump administration and Congress to cripple the EPA and gut our nation’s environmental laws and safeguards.

Showing up is important, but not just at rallies and marches. Running for office is another way to protect the environment, so the NRDC Action Fund is partnering this weekend with other national 501c4 and political environmental groups and progressive organizations to hold a candidate training here in DC for marchers who might be interested in public service as elected officials.

While the Trump administration continues to weigh withdrawal from the landmark Paris Climate Agreement, the president is issuing executive orders aimed at reversing decades of environmental progress and more recent Obama-era actions that have made America a leading force in the global effort to address climate change. Some of the president’s allies in Congress want to go even further. Just this week in the Senate legislation was introduced that would make it much harder to enforce federal laws that safeguard human health, protect clean air and keep our water safe. It’s called the Regulatory Accountability Act, and we’re going to fight hard to stop it.

We hope you can join us this weekend, but you can still make your presence felt and your voice heard even if you can’t march on Washington or run for office. Your calls, letters and emails to lawmakers continue to be incredibly important as we work together to resist the Big Polluter agenda on Capitol Hill and in state capitals around the country.