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Representative Upton wrong about his bill

Yesterday, at a townhall meeting in Portage, Michigan, Representative Fred Upton – Chairman of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee – misrepresented a bill he sponsored, saying it “doesn’t undermine the Clean Air Act.”

Despite what Rep. Upton says, his bill very much undermines the Clean Air Act:

  • Rep. Upton’s bill exempts carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping pollutants from the Clean Air Act’s definition of “air pollutant,” overturning the Supreme Court’s landmark decision Massachusetts v. EPA — which required the EPA to act on carbon pollution under the Clean Air Act if it determined the pollution to be a public health threat (which it did).
  • Rep. Upton’s bill blatantly ignores scientific findings. The bill repeals EPA’s scientific finding that carbon dioxide and other climate-changing pollutants are bringing Americans death, illness, and injury. Rep. Upton’s bill thereby disregards the findings of the National Academy of Sciences and countless other scientific experts.
  • Important health groups agree his bill would strip away protections under the Clean Air Act. The American Lung Association issued a statement urging Congress to “to reject Chairman Fred Upton’s draft bill that will undermine the Clean Air Act.”

As David Doniger explains, Rep. Upton’s bill “would give the biggest polluters a free pass for unlimited carbon pollution “.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Rep. Upton has made incorrect statements. The Washington Post recently awarded Rep. Upton two “Pinocchio’s.”

The NRDC Action Fund recently ran an advertisement in the Kalamazoo Gazette signed by dozens of his constituents.

This week, we will be distributing flyers at Upton’s town hall meetings to highlight his misguided actions.  Please stay tuned as we continue to cover this important issue.