The Mark UP

Still a Skeptic?

This post is for all the skeptics out there.

Here at the NRDC Action Fund, we long ago accepted the science that global warming is a real problem. But a systematic misinformation campaign by polluters has led many smart people – including Members of Congress and candidates for President – to doubt the data. While the polluter-funded, die-hard deniers will never be convinced, one wonders: can you, the sincerely skeptical, ever be won over?

Hopefully, one converted skeptic can spread the not-so-good news. Skeptical scientist Richard Muller independently analyzed climate data to determine whether or not the globe is warming. His preliminary results are in and he couldn’t be clearer about his conclusion: “Global warming is real.” His funders, including polluting kingpin Koch Brothers, can’t be pleased. These are the same people who are donating to political candidates who are denying global warming and promising not to take action. The paper still has to be peer-reviewed, but Muller has posted his findings online so you can see the data yourself.

So, sincere skeptics, are you convinced yet? Don’t take it from us. Take it from one of your own. The thermometers don’t lie. The planet is heating up. Look at the facts, think about it again, and admit that the doubts have been resolved and we’ve run out of time for excuses.