NRDC Action Fund’s Weekly News Summary

NRDC Action Fund’s Weekly News Summary

This is what the NRDC Action Fund has been reading this week:

It Can’t Possibly Get This Bad…Right??: “Sarah Palin is expected to endorse Donald Trump for president today, a move that could provide a needed boost for Trump as he heads into the competitive Iowa caucuses. Does the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate want anything in return? Most likely, yes — Palin, who popularized the term “drill, baby, drill,” has said she’d like to be Trump’s Secretary of Energy. And Trump has said he’d be willing to give Palin a position in his cabinet, should he be elected president.” (ThinkProgress)

New “Verde Paper” on Latino Green Activism: “Latinos support climate action, but they also have a longer history of environmental activism than many realize. From a new “Verde Paper” that debunks assumptions about Latinos and the environment: “Latino and other communities of color have been on the frontlines of fossil fuel pollution for decades and now our neighborhoods are among the most vulnerable to climate disruption and extreme weather. That’s why we need to be on the frontlines of the solution: clean, renewable, local energy.” (La Madre Tierra)

ICYMI: Dems in Debate on Climate: “On climate change, the Democrats’ message is clear: We believe in science. During the Democratic primary debate on Sunday, the presidential candidates seemed to take pleasure in distancing themselves from their science-doubting Republican counterparts. The Democratic candidates used a question from the popular YouTube channel MinuteEarth to attack the Republicans’ skepticism. Watch the video (above) of the question and the candidates’ responses.” (Huffington Post)

This is What Denial Looks Like: “Not 15 miles from the homes of Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush on the mainland, Miami Beach work crews elevate the streets, turning ground floors effectively into windowed basements, to try to stave off the implacable rise of sea water. Up comes the powerful ocean, threatening people, property and the underground freshwater supply. Can’t control nature, Rubio quips with a smile. Got bigger problems, Bush insists with exasperation.” (McClatchy DC)

Exasperated Green GOP Donors: “Republican donors who care about combating climate change are finding they have to lower their expectations for the presidential race.” (National Journal)

What’s at Stake for Next President: “President Barack Obama has set in motion a potentially significant overhaul of the nation’s program for permitting coal mining on federal lands but has left the key decisions up to his successor.” (Bloomberg Business)

Fact-checking Cruz’s Dubious Science: “Ted Cruz is decidedly at odds with the scientific consensus that Earth is warming because of human activity. A look at some of the Republican presidential contender’s claims on the subject in New Hampshire this week and how they compare with the facts…” (Associated Press)