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NRDC Action Fund endorses Sen. Jon Tester

The NRDC Action Fund, a national environmental organization, today announced its endorsement of U.S. Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) in his campaign for re-election this year.

“Jon Tester has worked tirelessly to make sure future generations have access to clean air and clean water,” said NRDC Action Fund Executive Director Kevin Curtis. “He stands up for Montana families, speaking out to preserve public lands and the bedrock environmental protections that all Americans depend on for their health and safety. As a farmer, he understands first-hand the dangers that climate change poses to our way of life, and he works hard to help Americans adapt by supporting clean energy jobs. The NRDC Action Fund is proud to support Sen. Tester as he continues fighting for public health and our environment.”

“Montana is home to amazing public lands and world-class fisheries and we need clean air and water in order to enjoy them,” Tester said. “I am proud to have the NRDC Action Fund’s endorsement, and I will continue relentlessly defending Montana’s clean air and clean water because they are critically important to agriculture, jobs, and our Montana way of life.”

Tester has helped pass legislation to fund conservation programs and expand national parks, and he is a vocal opponent of Interior Secretary Zinke’s attempts to sell off the nation’s public lands. He opposed Scott Pruitt’s nomination for EPA Administrator and has since fought to hold Pruitt accountable, including during a Senate hearing yesterday in which he demanded Administrator Pruitt clean up Montana’s Superfund sites. Tester’s re-election is key to continuing to build a pro-environment majority in the Senate in order to stave off attacks on public lands, public health, and our environment.

Sen. Tester is featured on, a project of LCV Victory Fund and NextGen America, supported by the NRDC Action Fund PAC. is the only website devoted exclusively to raising money for environmental champions running for office. Last cycle, the GiveGreen program raised more contributions to candidates than ever before—over $8.3 million for state and federal candidates.

Big divide on environment, clean energy in Pennsylvania’s Senate race

Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) this week won Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary, setting up a general election matchup against incumbent Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.). Since his first year in Congress, Barletta has voted to weaken the environmental protections that keep our land, air, and water safe and clean, racking up enough anti-environment votes to earn an embarrassing lifetime score of just five percent on the League of Conservation Voters’ National Environmental Scorecard.

In 2016, Barletta voted to roll back critical protections for American waterways, and last year, he voted to repeal the Stream Protection Rule, which would have protected communities from the risks associated with toxic waste from coal mining.

Casey, on the other hand, works to protect the rivers, lakes, and streams that provide drinking water and other natural resources to communities in Pennsylvania and across the country. He is also working hard to increase transparency in the fracking industry and help reduce the risks that fracked gas poses to local communities.

File:Somerset Wind Farm.jpg

Somerset Wind Farm in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is a national leader in clean energy jobs. According to a 2017 report by Environmental Entrepreneurs, the Commonwealth is home to nearly 70,000 jobs in energy efficiency and renewable energy, twice as many as in the fossil fuel industry.

By siding with a fringe group of climate change deniers, though, Barletta leaves Pennsylvanians and all American communities poorly positioned to reap the benefits of a 21st century clean energy economy and unprepared for the destructive impacts of climate change. He voted to abandon the previous administration’s air protections, including the Clean Power Plan, that would cut back on climate change-causing pollution and help create clean energy jobs. He also applauded the Trump administration’s reckless decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, ceding global leadership and making the U.S. a global pariah on climate action.

Pennsylvanians have a lot to gain from a future with common-sense environmental safeguards and ambitious plans to address climate change. Voting this November to re-elect Sen. Bob Casey is a vote for that future.

Ohio Senate race a choice between environmental champion and “climate change denier”

Congressman Jim Renacci’s (R) victory in Tuesday’s Republican Senate primary sets up a crystal-clear choice for Ohio voters this fall. Do they want Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) to continue fighting for the Great Lakes, for more clean energy jobs in Ohio and for a safe environment for Ohioans and all Americans? Or do they want Rep. Renacci — who has cast over 200 votes against clean air and water in his nearly four terms in Congress — in the Senate doing the bidding of his lobbyist friends in the fossil fuel industry?

Rep. Renacci holds the sad distinction of a shockingly low 3 percent lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), meaning he has voted against the environment and public health 97 percent of the time throughout his career in Congress. Last year, his LCV score hit a perfect zero.

A toxic algal bloom on the shore of Catawaba Island, OH in Lake Erie.

Rep. Renacci voted against a bipartisan effort to fund the restoration of the Great Lakes, despite the many Ohioans who rely on a clean, healthy Lake Erie. He voted to block reductions of the heat-trapping pollution that causes climate change. He voted to support more dangerous drilling off our beaches, threatening our economy and making disasters like the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill more likely. Votes like those led Vice News to dub him “one of Ohio’s climate change deniers.”

What’s next — drilling in the Great Lakes?

The Ohio Conservation Action Fund points out that Renacci has the support of President Trump, “one of the most anti-environment politicians in history.” Trump tweeted that he needed Renacci in the Senate to achieve his agenda — an agenda that has included destroying the EPA, dozens of attempts to weaken enforcement of environmental and health safeguards, and ending our country’s leadership role in the fight against climate change.

Now that the primary election is over, the choice for Ohio families could not be more clear. Sen. Brown has a record of fighting for all Ohioans, for clean energy jobs in Ohio, for a cleaner Lake Erie, and for a healthy and secure future for Ohio’s kids. Brown deserves re-election to the Senate, and Renacci deserves retirement.

Major Environmental Groups Endorse Sen. Debbie Stabenow for Re-Election

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund and the NRDC Action Fund, two leading national environmental groups, announced today their endorsements of Senator Debbie Stabenow for re-election to the U.S. Senate from Michigan.

“Senator Stabenow is a tireless advocate for public health and the environment in Michigan and across the country,” said LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld. “She has fought hard for the people of Flint in the wake of the lead pollution disaster there, and she is working to promote clean energy and combat the climate crisis. We are proud to endorse her for reelection.”

“Senator Stabenow knows that a safe environment is vital to the health and prosperity of Michigan families and all Americans,” said NRDC Action Fund Executive Director Kevin Curtis. “She works hard to protect the unique economies and ecosystems of the Great Lakes. She helped secure aid for Flint residents after their water was poisoned, and she fights for climate action to ensure we leave our children a livable planet. The NRDC Action Fund is proud to endorse Sen. Stabenow’s re-election campaign.”

“Debbie Stabenow has a proven record of delivering results for the Great Lakes.” said Michigan League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Lisa Wozniak. “She led bipartisan efforts to stop cuts to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, authored legislation to stop the spread of Asian carp, and has taken action to demand better safety measures on the Line 5 pipeline. We know we can trust Senator Stabenow to continue fighting for Michigan’s lakes and waterways.”

“I am honored to be endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and the NRDC Action Fund,” said Senator Debbie Stabenow. “Together, we have restored every penny of President Trump’s cuts to Great Lakes funding, fought against efforts to gut environmental protections, and are making sure every Michigan family has access to clean air and clean water.”
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