About Us

The NRDC Action Fund’s mission is to build political support for advancing the goals of the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Averting dangerous climate change, supporting healthy people and thriving communities, and conserving and protecting nature and wildlife. We support candidates who stand up for these goals, and we mobilize the American public to lobby lawmakers and hold them accountable for their votes, both in office and at the ballot box.

Our Team

Manish Bapna

President & CEO

    Kevin Curtis

    Executive Director

    Zara Akhter

    Operations Manager

      Lauren Boyd

      Development Associate

        Denis Dison

        Communications Director

        Tim Meinke

        Development Director

          Andrew Plotch

          Social Media Manager

            Aaron Rosenbluth

            Political Coordinator

              Alexandra Shapiro

              Director, PAC and Candidate Services

                Adam Sickle

                Program Coordinator

                  Board of Directors

                  David Vladeck

                    Eduardo Bhatia

                      Gerald Torres

                        Robert Raben

                          John Adams

                            Sig Anderman

                              Christopher Arndt

                                Richard Ayres

                                  Anne Bartley

                                    Patricia Bauman


                                      Frances Beinecke

                                        Hamilton (Hal) Candee

                                          Jo Ann Kaplan

                                            Vernice Miller-Travis

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