Are You Ready for November 6th?

Are You Ready for November 6th?

With less than a week to go until Election Day, many races are deadlocked and control of Congress is up for grabs. The margins may be small, but the stakes are enormous. This is our biggest chance yet to tell President Trump and his pro-polluter allies in Congress that America rejects their dangerous agenda. But it all comes down to turnout—whether we all vote in this critical election.

We cannot afford a repeat of 2016. If we want to boot Trump’s allies out of office and replace them with environmental champions; if we want a chance to save our climate, our clean air and water and our health; if we want to leave our children with a livable planet, every single one of us must turn out and vote by November 6.

That’s why it’s so critical that everyone has a plan to turn in their ballot this year. Whether you vote in every election or this is your very first, confirming your voting plan ahead of time can help you follow through on Election Day. If you haven’t voted yet, and you’re not sure what your plan is yet, we have a checklist to help you make one.

It’s critical that we get every pro-environment voter out to the polls by Election Day. So, once you have a plan to vote, or if you’ve already voted, we encourage you to share this checklist with someone you know who hasn’t voted yet.

And if you’re ready to do even more to help elect environmental champions this year, you can volunteer with the NRDC Action Fund’s Green Wave 2018 text-out-the-vote campaign to get even more voters to the polls. You can still sign up to volunteer this weekend or on Election Day itself—all you need is a computer and two hours to spare to protect our air, our water and our planet.