Care About the Climate Crisis? It’s Time to Go All In.

Care About the Climate Crisis? It’s Time to Go All In.

NASA just reported June 2019 was the hottest month in recorded history, and July’s global average temperature will likely be even hotter. All-time heat records are being broken with alarming regularity now both in the U.S. and across the world, and obvious impacts are everywhere – severe floods, fires, super-fueled storms, shorter winters, migrants fleeing droughts, species migration, and very, very hot summers.

Is this the new normal? Yes, and things will continue to get worse if we don’t begin to seriously limit the heat-trapping carbon pollution that’s responsible for the climate disruption we’re now witnessing. And while individual action is important, large-scale energy policy changes by local, state and national governments are absolutely required.

That’s why we’re going all in. This week the NRDC Action Fund launched All In for Climate Action, a call to join the fight against the greatest threat to our future – climate change – by pressuring governments to take bold action in moving to a clean energy economy.

The truth is limiting carbon emissions isn’t mainly a scientific or technological problem, it’s a political one. Unfortunately, the well-funded effort by the fossil fuel industry to make climate change a deeply partisan political issue has been a tremendous success. That polarization has helped big oil companies, but it’s been a disaster for the rest of us.

To begin to change our trajectory, we must change our politics by sending an unmistakable message to policymakers that the time for climate inaction is over.

With the climate crisis becoming increasingly apparent, and with American voters more worried than ever about the future they’re creating for their kids and grandkids, the politics of this issue are slowly swinging to our side, but way too slowly. The time for action is NOW.

Through All In for Climate Action, the NRDC Action Fund will activate people like you at exactly the right moment. We’ll make sure you know when, where, and how you can pressure the local, state and national lawmakers who control the policies that will shape your future.

Right now the fossil fuel industry is winning, but this is a fight that we must win and there is hope. Standing up and speaking truth to power matters more than ever right now. Individual advocacy in the halls of power matters. Mass mobilization matters. Letters to the editor matter. Face-to-face meetings with your elected representatives matter. Testifying at city council meetings matters. Voting matters. Volunteering on political campaigns matters. 

Your voice matters. We’re going All In for Climate Action, and we need you with us