NRDC Action Fund Ads Spotlight Manufacturing Jobs Boom in Georgia, Thanks to Biden Administration Clean Energy Investments 

NRDC Action Fund Ads Spotlight Manufacturing Jobs Boom in Georgia, Thanks to Biden Administration Clean Energy Investments 

WASHINGTON (June 18, 2024) — Fourteen thousand clean energy jobs. That’s what’s coming to Georgia thanks to federal investments made by the Biden administration, which are highlighted in a new NRDC Action Fund advertising campaign launched today. 

These 14,000 jobs are spread across Georgia, and they stem from passage of the federal Inflation Reduction Act. It is putting Georgians to work building electric cars and EV batteries, and as mechanics, electricians, and construction workers, a cable TV and digital ad by the NRDC Action Fund shows. 

Over $18 billion in clean energy investments in Georgia’s economy. That’s what another NRDC Action Fund cable TV and digital ad also launched today shows is being invested in building electric cars and trucks in Georgia, thanks to policies President Biden signed that stood up against oil industry efforts to stop them.  

Together, the $750,000 NRDC Action Fund advertising campaign across Georgia in the next two weeks, make it clear that these massive clean energy investments are making Georgia a nation-leading builder of electric cars and trucks, and triggering a manufacturing jobs boost to Georgia’s economy, benefitting everyone in the Peach State, even those who don’t drive EVs. 

“By bringing manufacturing jobs to Georgia, the Biden Administration is creating good jobs and giving families more affordable car options,” said Jossie Steinberg, Senior Advisor at the NRDC Action Fund. “These are good-paying jobs, including many that don’t require a college degree, in growing industries that already support over 14,000 jobs in Georgia. But the Administration isn’t just stopping there. They’re working to lower costs, push back on the oil lobbyists, and give families electric vehicle and clean energy tax credits that fit their household budgets to make the paychecks from those jobs go further.” 

The “14,000 Jobs” ad can be viewed here:  

The ad’s text follows: 

Fourteen thousand new jobs . . .   

That’s what’s coming to Georgia because we passed historic investments in clean energy.  

From Savannah to Augusta to Atlanta, and communities in between.  

These are manufacturing jobs,  

Building electric cars  

And clean batteries. 

Good-paying jobs for electricians … construction workers … and mechanics.  

Whether electric vehicles are right for your family or not, one thing is undeniable:   

Investing in clean energy is a huge win for Georgia … and its workers. 

The “Stood Up” ad can be viewed here.     

The ad’s text follows: 

Georgia leads the nation on producing electric cars and trucks,  

Plants started opening all across the state. 

The big oil companies are trying to roll that back, 

But new policies signed by President Biden stopped that. 

That means thousands of new jobs 

And over $18 billion invested in Georgia’s economy. 

So, whether you drive them or not, 

The administration’s work on clean cars 

Has been huge for Georgia’s economy…and its workers.