NRDC Action Fund Endorses 8 for Congress

NRDC Action Fund Endorses 8 for Congress

WASHINGTON (September 28, 2022)—The NRDC Action Fund, a national environmental organization, today announced it has endorsed 8 more candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, bringing the group’s total number of endorsements in the 2022 political cycle to 94. 

“Keeping a pro-environment majority in the House of Representatives is a top priority for us this cycle,” said Kevin S. Curtis, executive director the NRDC Action Fund. “These candidates, all champions for clean energy jobs and a healthier future for their communities, have earned our endorsement because they understand that protecting the environment is good for business, good for the economy and good for people.”

The newly endorsed U.S. House candidates are:

  • Nikki Budzinski (IL-13)
  • Francis Conole (NY-22)
  • Bridget Fleming (NY-01)
  • Jackie Gordon (NY-02)
  • Carl Marlinga (MI-10)
  • Josh Riley (NY-19)
  • Rep. Patrick Ryan (D-N.Y.) (NY-18)
  • Robert Zimmerman (NY-03)

The NRDC Action Fund is endorsing its largest-ever slate of candidates during the 2022 political cycle. NRDC Action Votes and NRDC Action Fund PAC, political committees affiliated with the organization, raise millions of dollars in support of these and other pro-environment candidates through, a donor platform that has already raised $20 million for pro-environment candidates this cycle and more than $100 million since its inception in 2009.