NRDC Action Fund Launches $5 Million Effort to Pass Biden’s Infrastructure, Climate Agenda 

NRDC Action Fund Launches $5 Million Effort to Pass Biden’s Infrastructure, Climate Agenda 

WASHINGTON (July 26, 2021) – The NRDC Action Fund has launched a $5 million grassroots lobbying effort – its largest ever – to advance President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and win passage of key climate and public health provisions of his American Jobs Plan. 

The multi-state campaign is employing an array of grassroots tactics and digital platforms to amplify the voices of concerned constituents across the country. Together we are demanding bold action to address the increasingly stark consequences of the climate crisis and fix lead-tainted drinking water infrastructure. 

“We are in a climate and health emergency that cannot be ignored. The president has proposed bold, equity-centered solutions that will create jobs, and he is backed by an American public strongly supportive of federal action. The time is now, and we are all in,” said Kevin S. Curtis, executive director of the NRDC Action Fund. 

Specifically, the campaign is focused on achieving the bold goals spelled out in the President’s Build Back Better agenda, including: 

  • Shifting to 100% clean electricity by 2035 with the help of standards, investments and incentives to modernize our power sector.  
  • Cutting climate pollution from the largest source in the U.S.—transportation—by getting more drivers behind the wheel of affordable electric cars and trucks, as well as making clean, low-carbon, reliable modern public transportation options available to more people.   
  • Replacing aging lead drinking water pipes across the country that are poisoning children’s brains from their taps by the millions, especially in low-income communities of color.   
  • Cleaning up the toxic legacy the fossil fuel industry is leaving behind in communities across the country from abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells.