NRDC Action Fund’s Weekly News Summary

NRDC Action Fund’s Weekly News Summary

This is what the NRDC Action Fund has been reading this week:

Reuters/Brian Snyder

President Obama campaigns with Hillary Clinton in North Carolina. Photo: Reuters/Brian Snyder

Obama and Hillary campaign on climate – Obama and Clinton took to North Carolina and hit Trump for his absurd and dangerous positions on climate change. (Grist)

The #climate election – Americans are deeply concerned about climate change, but they fear it’s not playing a prominent enough role in the 2016 election conversation. (The Guardian)

Science organizations take on Congress – 31 scientific groups push back against climate denial in Congress and tell lawmakers to “to reduce the risk of the most severe impacts of climate change.” (InsideClimate News)

Beyond the Flint water crisis Over 18 million Americans are drinking potentially contaminated tap water due to widespread failures in the testing, monitoring, and enforcement of federal drinking water standards, signaling a nationwide crisis. (NRDC)

Trump’s real estate isn’t safe from climate change – Donald Trump’s Palm Beach properties will suffer the effects of climate change despite him turning  a blind eye to the issue. (The Guardian)

Climate denial doesn’t win elections – A new poll tells us voters across party lines would be less likely to support climate-denying political candidates. (E&E)

California’s clean energy economy – California is America’s leader in clean energy and if it were a nation, it would rank in world’s top five in energy productivity, electricity from renewable sources, and reductions in carbon intensity. (Los Angeles Times)