NRDC Action Fund’s Weekly News Summary

NRDC Action Fund’s Weekly News Summary

Climate Action NowThis is what the NRDC Action Fund has been reading this week:

Symptoms of a sick climate- Record breaking temperatures in 2015 prove the state of the earth’s climate is worsening. (NRDC)

Why we need the Clean Power Plan– On its 1 year anniversary, read why this attorney is on the Clean Power Plan’s side. (Huffington Post)

Startling facts about the state of last year’s climate– 2015 broke many records, but 2016 is even hotter. (Washington Post)

Government agencies must consider the climate–  This week, The White House released new guidance that directs federal agencies to consider climate change. (Grist)

Environmental groups are pouring money into the November elections– High profile races in the country are getting major attention from green groups looking to exert their influence. (The Hill)

How the 2016 RNC and DNC measured up on climate change– When it came to talking about climate at the national conventions, Democrats pushed for action while Republicans were in denial. (ThinkProgress)

GOP senator wrongfully denies global warming – Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin claimed the earth is not warming and compared climate activists to Joseph Stalin and Hugo Chavez. (Talking Points Memo)