Paris Pullout: Fight Back at the Ballot Box

Paris Pullout: Fight Back at the Ballot Box

When the president and our elected representatives in Congress ignore reason, science and public opinion, the only way to get their attention is at the ballot box – our universal democratic right.

In pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Donald Trump certainly ignored the science. He didn’t listen to the American people. He didn’t listen to the business community. He ignored the leaders of nearly 200 other countries. He didn’t even listen to his own daughter.

Instead, Trump sided with a handful of narrow nationalists and fossil fuel extremists like Steve Bannon and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, and now he’s put their fevered dreams of a walled-off and polluting America over the worldwide need to slow the devastating warming of our planet.

The time is now to commit to a strong political response to this outrage. We’re going to fight to make Donald Trump a one-term president, but until then we’ll do everything we can to block his deadly agenda in Congress.

Your elected representatives may pretend they don’t understand climate science or the need for American leadership on this global issue, but they will soon understand the political consequences. It’s time to make them pay a political price for siding with corporate polluters and fossil fuel extremists over American families.

Only a pro-climate majority in Congress can stop this ongoing assault on our future.

Donald Trump’s allies in Congress deserve to pay a harsh political price for supporting his polluter-driven climate agenda, so the NRDC Action Fund is building a political war chest to fight them from now until the mid-term elections. We won’t let them win. We can’t.

The NRDC Action Fund will be working hard to make sure your voice is heard – from the halls of Congress today to the voting booths next fall. With your support, we’ll send an unmistakable message about this colossal mistake.

Politics matters. We are in this dire situation because a relative handful of votes in three battleground states last fall tipped the election to Trump.  We can’t let that happen again. It’s time to prepare now for the fight of our lives.

Kevin Curtis is executive director of the NRDC Action Fund.