Poll: Illinois Dems favor strong pro-environment candidate for governor

Poll: Illinois Dems favor strong pro-environment candidate for governor

A new poll commissioned by the NRDC Action Fund finds Illinois Democratic primary voters strongly prefer gubernatorial candidates who are willing to stake out an aggressive pro-environment platform.

According to research conducted by Global Strategy Group in January, Democratic primary voters favor making Illinois a national leader in renewable energy and will dramatically shift their support to candidates who embrace this agenda.

After hearing a simulated debate with positive and negative messages for both sides, 93 percent of respondents statewide supported using state funds to develop job skills and provide entrepreneurial support for people in low-income communities who want to work in the renewable energy sector. Oversamples conducted among downstate primary voters show a nearly identical 91% support for this proposal.

The vast majority of Illinois Democrats also want limits on heat-trapping carbon pollution, with 82% in favor of curbing power plant emissions that contribute to climate change.

When asked if they’d be more or less likely to support candidates who promote these policies, more than 50% of all voters, regardless of their current candidate preference, said they’d be more likely to vote for the environmental champion.

The race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination remains fluid, but it’s clear from these results that candidates can break away from the pack by adopting a strong pro-environment and pro-climate platform.

Read a summary of the poll here, as well as top-lines and other key findings.