Gina McCarthy: Biden’s Climate Plan Will Boost U.S. Economy

Gina McCarthy: Biden’s Climate Plan Will Boost U.S. Economy

WASHINGTON (July 14, 2020) – Vice President Joe Biden today announced a new plan to rebuild the American economy in part by tackling the climate crisis head-on. The plan includes a goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector by 2035, boosting energy efficiency and ensuring the benefits of climate action are equitably distributed.

Gina McCarthy, president and CEO of the NRDC Action Fund, issued the following statement:

“Joe Biden’s climate plan—by a long shot—is the most ambitious we have ever seen from any president in our nation’s history. It will get our economy humming again, and give our children a healthier, more just and more hopeful future. And he has committed to getting started on day one.

“This plan is the result of Biden listening to concerned people across this country and taking action. He brought together climate leaders young and old, with varying perspectives and asked them to unite around a path forward to combat the climate crisis, quickly. He brought environmental justice groups to the table, and made sure equity was a core consideration. This is the kind of leadership we need in the face of a challenge of this scale. And it shows exactly why we need to make sure Joe Biden is our next president—for our children, for our planet and for our future.”


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