NRDC Action Fund Campaign Urges Voting by Mail in 2020

NRDC Action Fund Campaign Urges Voting by Mail in 2020

WASHINGTON (July 28, 2020) – The NRDC Action Fund, a national environmental organization, today announced it has joined the “National Vote by Mail Day of Action” to help boost safe, secure voting by mail in the upcoming elections.

The NRDC Action Fund will launch a six-figure digital ad campaign in key states directing voters to an online tool to check their registration, register to vote and request mail-in ballots.

Kayla Calkin, political director for the NRDC Action Fund, issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump is afraid of mail-in ballots because he knows the more people vote in the 2020 elections, the less likely it is he will win a second term. Using our voices, exercising our right to vote, and beating Trump in November is the most important thing we can do to stop his disastrous anti-science agenda, grow clean energy jobs and stop the pollution that hurts so many communities of color across America. With less than 100 days until the election, voters should request their absentee or mail-in ballots now to help local election officials prepare for potentially massive turnout this fall.”


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