The Green Wave Starts Today

The Green Wave Starts Today

The planet needs us this November. If President Trump and his allies in Congress continue their assault on the environment, our water will be less safe, our air will get dirtier, and climate change will continue to threaten our economy, our health, and our way of life.

Electing pro-environment candidates this year is crucially important, and that’s why the NRDC Action Fund has launched Green Wave 2018, our biggest-ever voter engagement campaign.

Between now and Election Day, November 6, we’ll be asking our supporters to take action online, on the phones, and in their communities to encourage people they know – and even some they don’t know – to turn out and vote in this critical midterm election and defeat anti-environment candidates at the polls.

Trump wants to open our coastlines to dangerous offshore drilling. His administration is trying to hand over our  public lands and national monuments to fossil fuel and mining companies. They’re still working to roll back protections for endangered species. They’re undermining policies that keep our air and water clean. And they’re working overtime to kill any action on climate change and clean energy.

The NRDC Action Fund continues to work hard to counter Trump’s anti-environment agenda in Washington. We’re helping to build pressure on politicians of every stripe to stand up for our environment and our families.

But building a pro-environment majority in Congress means turning out more voters to elect more candidates who don’t need to be pressured to put the American people before polluters. Our Green Wave 2018 campaign is designed to help educate, motivate and encourage voters who care about the environment to get involved, make a plan to vote, and recruit others to show up at the polls on November 6.

Stand with us today, and pledge to help change Washington on Election Day.