The Polluter President:
Tracking Trump’s Attacks on the Environment

Donald Trump promised “crystal-clean water and air,” but his administration has been systematically unraveling the bipartisan framework that protects the environment and the health of all Americans. He refuses to act on climate change and instead pushes policies that will worsen this global crisis and leave our country unprepared.

His replacement for the Clean Power Plan is a sham that will make air quality worse and threaten the health of millions. Trump also wants to halt progress on automotive fuel efficiency, and he’s putting national treasures like Bears Ears National Monument at risk as a favor to his supporters in the fossil fuel industry. He has gutted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and attempted to slash environmental justice programs. Nothing is sacred. To Trump, everything is for sale.

Now that we again hold his fate in our hands, Trump wants voters to forget that he called climate change a hoax, has sidelined government scientists, and has tweeted climate denial just about every time it gets a little chilly. Don’t buy it. Trump’s pro-polluter policies are sacrificing the nation’s water, air, and public health. Here is the evidence, one environmental crime at a time.