Election 2020: Are You Voter Ready?

If we’re going to fight climate change, protect clean air and water, demand environmental justice and healthy communities, and secure our clean energy future, we need to win big on Election Day 2020. That means making sure we’re all registered and ready now, with a plan to vote safely during what promises to be a high-turnout election. Return your mail-in ballot as soon as you can, take advantage of early in-person voting, or plan ahead to make sure you vote as safely as possible on Election Day.

Whether you need to check your registration or need information about your nearest ballot drop-off location or polling place, we’ve got you covered. So make sure your vote counts on November 3 — and that you are Voter Ready — using the options below.

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Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. But millions of people have already voted — either by mail or by early in-person voting — and millions more are preparing to vote in the days and weeks ahead, right up to Election Day.

Regardless of how you plan to vote, it’s critical that you make your plan to vote safely and securely. Share your plan with us and we’ll send you more info about how to find your polling place, volunteer to get out the vote, and more.

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