Judd Apatow Stars in Climate Change Election PSA

Judd Apatow Stars in Climate Change Election PSA


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Funny Or Die and NRDC Action Fund Team Up to Encourage Americans to Vote to Stop Climate Change Because it’s “Easier than Getting Gills”

WASHINGTON (October 25, 2016) – On Election Day, Americans should cast their vote to stop climate change because if we don’t take action “things could get real bad, real fast,” and it’s easier than trying to implant fish gills for rising seas, Hollywood producer and comedian Judd Apatow says in a new Funny Or Die video released today.

The Funny Or Die video, released two weeks before the November 8 elections, is here.

It was created in partnership with the NRDC Action Fund as part of Funny Or Die’s “Everyone Votes” campaign, a video series encouraging voters to show up on Election Day.

“Climate change is real, it’s happening now and it poses one of the greatest threats to our very existence,” Apatow says in the video.

On a lighter note, he adds that in preparation for climate change he had fish gills implanted, plans a comedy production studio on Mars and planted a flag on the bottom of Lake Michigan—now “Lake Apatow”— to claim its water in preparation for possible water wars.

“So if you have gills like me, you have nothing to worry about,” Apatow says in the video. “If you don’t, then make sure you get out and vote because, believe it or not, voting is easier than getting gills.”

Rhea Suh, president of the NRDC Action Fund, said: “Right now, voting is the biggest step we can take to protect ourselves against climate change. We are proud to partner with Funny Or Die’s ‘Everyone Votes’ campaign to help get the word out to all Americans—especially younger generations—that the stakes in this election are sky-high for our climate and future.

“Voting is how we can keep our commitment to cutting dangerous carbon pollution. Voting is how we ensure a quicker transition to clean energy. And voting is how we keep the promise to future generations to leave them a brighter, more hopeful world,” she added.

Funny Or Die and the NRDC Action Fund teamed up to create the video starring Apatow to drive home the point that climate change threatens everyone everywhere, and that strong action is needed now to avoid dangerously rising seas, extreme weather and hardship for millions of people.


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