The Senate Has Voted. Now it’s Our Turn.

The Senate Has Voted. Now it’s Our Turn.

The NRDC Action Fund opposed Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination because a thorough examination of his lengthy legal record showed he has repeatedly ruled in ways that would weaken the common-sense laws and regulations all Americans rely on to protect our families and the environment.

When Kavanaugh’s character and fitness for the high court were credibly questioned, we stood with those who called for a comprehensive investigation of very serious charges. Thoroughly vetting a lifetime appointee to such an important post was certainly more important than arbitrarily rushing to a final vote.

Now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed, our fight shifts back to the legislative branch and the crucial congressional elections next month. Working to turn out the vote for pro-environment candidates is more important now than it has ever been.

The legislative branch of government can stand between President Trump and the deadly pro-polluter agenda he has pursued throughout his time in office. Pro-environment leadership in Congress, reflecting the will of the American people, can help to block Trump’s absurd efforts to roll back the common-sense laws and regulations that have helped clear the air in smog-choked cities and clean up our rivers and lakes.

Our disappointment over this confirmation vote has not dimmed our resolve, it has strengthened it. We will work harder than ever to make sure a Green Wave of pro-environment voters is registered and ready to vote on Election Day.

Don’t let anyone tell you this election is anything but incredibly close right now. Every dollar, every vote, every text, and every door knocked truly matters. If you are angry about Kavanaugh’s confirmation, I hope you will join us in turning our anger into action by pledging to be part of the nationwide Green Wave on November 6.

To register to vote, or for more information about your registration status or polling place, go to

Kevin S. Curtis is executive director of the NRDC Action Fund.