NRDC Action Fund: Clinton has the right climate solutions

NRDC Action Fund: Clinton has the right climate solutions


Contact: Denis Dison, NRDC Action Fund | [email protected], (202) 717-8293

WASHINGTON (October 11, 2016) – Secretary Hillary Clinton plans to appear today in Florida with former Vice President Al Gore, who will discuss the urgent threat posed by climate change and lay out the high stakes of November’s election, the Clinton campaign said.

NRDC Action Fund President Rhea Suh made the following statement:

“How we respond to climate change will profoundly influence the quality of life of our children and their children. Sadly, the candidates for president are worlds apart. Donald Trump can’t decide whether climate change is a hoax or a joke. He’s turned his back on the growing perils of climate chaos and would reverse the unprecedented progress we are making to combat climate change. Hillary Clinton understands the threat. She’s made sound proposals to fight it and grow the clean energy economy. And she’ll build on the climate progress we’re making. That’s the climate leadership we need now.”


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