NRDC Action Fund President: Trump is Big Polluters’ Dream Candidate

NRDC Action Fund President: Trump is Big Polluters’ Dream Candidate


Contact: Denis Dison, NRDC Action Fund | (202) 280-0018, [email protected]

WASHINGTON (October 19, 2016) – NRDC Action Fund President Rhea Suh issued the following statement ahead of tonight’s final presidential debate:

“When it comes to combating climate change and protecting our environment, we hardly need another debate to help us make up our minds. The choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could not be more stark. Trump’s agenda is a big polluters’ wish-list; he’s their dream candidate. He has turned his back on the undeniable havoc that climate change is wreaking and vowed to reverse the unprecedented progress that America and the community of nations are making against the central environmental challenge of our time. Clinton understands the threat of a warming planet and she will fight it. She understands our obligation to protect future generations from these growing dangers and will act on Day One to avert the worst impacts of climate catastrophe. That’s the clear choice we face on November 8. The stakes for the country, and the world, could hardly be higher.”


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