Energy Vote Did Not Contribute to Democratic Defeat

Energy Vote Did Not Contribute to Democratic Defeat

As the party in control of Washington during 18 consecutive months of 9%+ unemployment, Democrats suffered a devastating defeat this week. An election night survey clearly illustrates that Members’ support for the 2009 American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) did not contribute to this defeat.

Key Findings include:

Members’ support for ACES did not contribute to their defeat. When voters who chose the Republican candidate were asked in an open ended question to name their biggest concern about the Democrat, only 1 percent cited something related to energy or cap and trade. And when offered a list of six arguments Republicans made against Democrats, only 7 percent of voters selected the so-called “cap and trade energy tax.”

Despite a strongly Republican leaning electorate, battleground voters trusted the Democrat more than the Republican when it comes to energy. The election night survey shows a battleground electorate that leans Republican by 10 percentage points on partisanship, yet they favored the Democrat on energy by 6 points.

A majority supports comprehensive energy reform. When presented with a comprehensive do-it-all type energy plan, battleground voters back the plan by 16 percent.

Majority support for EPA regulation of carbon. By a considerable 22 percent margin, battleground voters believe the Environmental Protection Agency should regulate emissions of greenhouse gases.

Voters want to hold corporations accountable for their pollution. By a huge 41 percent margin, voters believe “we need to hold corporations accountable for their pollution,” rejecting the argument that “we should not impose new regulations that will hurt businesses.”

The poll results can be found here.  Rob Perks’ post entitled, “It’s Not the Climate Bill, Stupid” provides a useful context on the election results.

Other related findings include: