NRDC Action Fund Ads Thank Senator Kirk For Clean Power Plan Vote

NRDC Action Fund Ads Thank Senator Kirk For Clean Power Plan Vote

kirk cra thanks ad nov 2015CHICAGO (November 25, 2015) –The NRDC Action Fund kicks off a digital ad campaign today thanking Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) for a vote against a Congressional Review Act resolution that would have repealed the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan rule to cut dangerous carbon pollution from America’s power plants.

Kirk was one of three Republicans in the Senate to vote against the resolution – a critical test vote on climate policy. The measure passed 52-46 and President Obama has promised to veto it.

“Senator Kirk went against his party with this vote, and supported a specific action to combat climate change,” said NRDC Action Fund Midwest Director Henry Henderson. “His vote to support the Clean Power Plan was important, but it does not erase other serious environmental missteps made this year when he voted against clean water. We hope Senator Kirk will continue standing up for Illinoisans and not polluters on these important environmental issues moving forward.”

Earlier this year, Senator Kirk cast the deciding vote in favor of blocking the Clean Power Plan. Since then, NRDC has been calling on Senator Kirk to support action to combat climate change, as he generally did previously in his career. Last week, Senator Kirk voted in favor of a resolution to limit the protection of water under the Clean Water Act. Separately, Senator Kirk also voted to slash funding for clean water infrastructure and to block implementation of the Clean Water Rule, which would restore clean water protections for streams, wetlands and headwaters that flow into drinking water supplies.

Polls show that Illinoisans are ready to fight climate change and advance clean energy. A recent bipartisan poll released by NRDC shows that nearly two-thirds of Illinoisans support the Clean Power Plan and 8-in-10 Illinoisans support the state plan to cut carbon pollution.

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