NRDC Action Fund endorses Sens. Tammy Baldwin and Bill Nelson

NRDC Action Fund endorses Sens. Tammy Baldwin and Bill Nelson

Senators Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) and Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) today earned the endorsement of the NRDC Action Fund, a national organization working to build political support for protecting the planet and its people. Sen. Baldwin and Sen. Nelson are running for re-election in 2018.

“During her first term in the Senate, Sen. Baldwin has been a champion of clean air, clean water and a healthier environment for Wisconsin families,” said Kevin Curtis, executive director of the NRDC Action Fund. “From protecting drinking water and the Great Lakes to helping strengthen controls on toxic chemicals, we need fighters like Sen. Baldwin who will stand up to polluters and protect the health of all Wisconsinites.”

“I’m proud to receive the NRDC Action Fund endorsement,” Baldwin said. “Wisconsin has a long and proud tradition leading on environmental and conservation issues. I have put Wisconsin’s natural resources first by championing the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and small business rural development. I am proud to have led the fight for safe drinking water infrastructure in rural communities. With the support of the NRDC Action Fund, I am excited to continue my work to expand clean power, renewable fuels, and water efficiency in the U.S. Senate.”

“Sen. Bill Nelson is a longtime champion of our environment and public health,” said Curtis. “Since his first term in office, Sen. Nelson has made it his priority to protect Florida’s economy and environment from the dangers of offshore drilling. Sen. Nelson has a long history of putting the well-being of Florida communities over the interests of powerful corporate polluters and the fossil fuel lobby. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his likely opponent, Florida Governor Rick Scott, who instructed state officials to ignore science and the dangers of our changing climate – like sea-level rise and more powerful hurricanes – risking Florida’s future by siding with the fringe climate-denier movement.”

“Fighting to protect Florida’s unique environment has, is and always will be one of my top priorities,” Nelson said. “And it’s an honor to have the support of the NRDC Action Fund and all of its members fighting by my side as we head into 2018.”

Sen. Baldwin and Sen. Nelson have exposed and stood strong against the Trump administration’s efforts to undermine environmental and health protections that Americans of all stripes depend on to raise healthy families. Both senators support action to fight climate change, and both voted against the confirmation of President Trump’s science-denying EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt. In addition, Sen. Baldwin has worked to protect the Great Lakes from pollution and invasive species. Sen. Nelson has fought offshore drilling and worked to bring justice to Gulf communities in the wake of the BP oil spill. Their continued leadership in the Senate is essential to preserving our environment, economic growth, and national security – for current and future generations.