NRDC Action Fund & ProgressNow New Mexico Take to the ‘Air’ to Support Martin Heinrich for U.S. Senate in New Mexico

NRDC Action Fund & ProgressNow New Mexico Take to the ‘Air’ to Support Martin Heinrich for U.S. Senate in New Mexico


Contact: Melissa Harrison, NRDC Action Fund, 202-486-1905, [email protected]

Pat Davis, ProgressNow New Mexico, 505-750-0012, [email protected]

Special Message in the Sky for College Football Spectators

WASHINGTON/LAS CRUCES (September 21, 2012) – On September 22, football fans attending the in-state rivalry football game between New Mexico and New Mexico State weren’t just watching the action on the field. They were also treated to a unique ‘pass play’ in the sky as a plane flew over the stadium with a special message about Heather Wilson and her ties to big oil.

NRDC Action Fund and ProgressNow New Mexico sponsored the plane with lighted messaging urging voters to support Martin Heinrich in his bid for U.S. Senate. Messages like: Heather Wilson: Scoring TDs 4 polluters since 1998 scorlled by spectators as the plane flew overhead. They can also visit to learn more about how Heather Wilson chose to side with polluters and their big checks rather than the health and safety of New Mexico residents.

“Heather Wilson’s actions against protecting the drinking water of New Mexico families are so egregious they deserve to be written in the sky so everyone can see them,” said Heather Taylor-Miesle, NRDC Action Fund Director. “We supported Martin Heinrich early in this race because we know he is a true environmental champion who will stand up to corporate polluters. New Mexico voters continue to say they want a Senator who will protect their precious resources and their health. Heinrich’s record on these issues is impeccable and that’s why he’s leading in the polls. We will continue to take this message to the voters until Election Day, although next time it may be via the ground.”


The NRDC Action Fund’s mission is to achieve the passage of legislation that jump-starts the clean energy economy, reduces pollution, and sustains vibrant communities for all Americans. Now is the time for leadership and action from our elected officials — our current goal is a comprehensive clean energy policy that will repower our economy and fuel our future.

ProgressNow New Mexico is a non-partisan non-profit advocacy group uniting and enhancing New Mexico’s progressive voice.

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