NRDC Action Fund Radio Ads Highlight Senator Kirk’s Anti-Clean Water Vote

NRDC Action Fund Radio Ads Highlight Senator Kirk’s Anti-Clean Water Vote

The NRDC Action Fund kicks off a radio issue ad campaign today highlighting a vote by Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) in support of a key Congressional Review Act resolution that would repeal essential clean water protections. The issue ads running in Illinois highlight the Senator’s recent vote to kill the Clean Water Rule, which restores protections for streams, wetlands and headwaters that flow into the Great Lakes and drinking water supplies.

“For a politician so quick to crow about Great Lakes stewardship, Senator Kirk’s Congressional Review Act vote is utterly shocking. His vote would repeal the Clean Water Rule and allow pollution of streams and wetlands that flow into Lake Michigan,“ said NRDC Action Fund Midwest Director Henry Henderson. “We were excited last month to congratulate Senator Kirk on his recent climate change vote, but this anti-Clean Water vote is a significant environmental misstep, putting polluters before people and threatening water quality in the Great Lakes.”

The NRDC Action Fund has previously run issue ads, both positive and negative, around other votes cast by Senator Kirk on environmental issues. The week before last, the Action Fund ran digital ads thanking Senator Kirk for going against his party to vote in support of the Clean Power Plan to cut dangerous carbon emissions from the nation’s power plants.

But the Action Fund has been strongly critical of Senator Kirk’s repeated votes against clean water.  He has voted to slash funding for clean water infrastructure and has voted on repeatedly to block the implementation of the Clean Water Rule.  For example, the day before voting for the Congressional Review Act resolution to repeal the Clean Water Rule, he also voted for a separate bill that would torpedo the Clean Water Rule.

The ad buy will run on numerous Chicago and Springfield radio stations through the end of the week.

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Sounds of silverware and plates over dinner.


Did you hear the latest about Senator Mark Kirk?


What did he do?


You’re not going to believe this–He voted against protections for clean water.


Are you serious?! He voted against that Clean Water Rule?


Yeah – Senator Kirk voted to make it tougher to prevent pollution from getting into the water we rely on for fishing, swimming, and drinking water.


Allowing pollution in the rivers and streams that feed the Great Lakes? Why would we EVER expose our kids to that stuff?


I remember when Mark Kirk used to stand up for the Great Lakes and our environment.


Man, that’s really disappointing.


Yeah. It seems he listened to big polluters rather than us ordinary citizens.


I’m going to call Mark Kirk’s office and tell him to stand up for our lakes and rivers —keeping our water clean should NOT be political.


Call Senator Mark Kirk at (202) 224-2854–tell him to protect Illinois’ drinking water.

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