NRDC Action Fund: Senator Kirk Votes with the Polluters Today

NRDC Action Fund: Senator Kirk Votes with the Polluters Today

Deciding vote in key Interior appropriations rider debate

Press Contact: Josh Mogerman, NRDC Action Fund, 312-651-7909

CHICAGO (June 18, 2015) – Illinois Senator Mark Kirk was the deciding vote today on an effort to prevent implementation of the historic Clean Power Plan to cut dangerous carbon pollution from America’s power plants.

Following is a reaction from Henry Henderson, senior advisor to the NRDC Action Fund:

“In a key choice between people and polluters: Senator Kirk chose the polluters today.

“After walking back comments denying climate change earlier in the year, Senator Kirk’s vote today makes clear he is not interested in actually addressing the environmental issues that threaten Illinois’ air, water, and health.

“Senator Kirk is out of line with the people he is supposed to represent. Polling makes clear that Illinoisans support climate action and clean energy investments. Today’s vote is an effort to push the nation in the opposite direction.”

NRDC Action Fund had been running online ads urging Senator Kirk to support climate action. More information at


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