Online Ads Urge Senator Kirk to Support Climate Action

Online Ads Urge Senator Kirk to Support Climate Action


Press contact: Josh Mogerman, NRDC Action Fund, 312-651-7909

CHICAGO (June 16, 2015) – Digital ads urging Senator Mark Kirk to protect children’s health and support action to limit carbon pollution have appeared on news outlet sites and in social media across Illinois. The ads, placed by the NRDC Action Fund, ran last week and continue this week in advance of several committee votes the Senate is expected to take on proposals to stop the US Environmental Protection Agency’s historic Clean Power Plan. The policy would set the first-ever limits on dangerous carbon pollution from the nation’s power plants, the largest source of pollution driving climate change.

“Senator Kirk has focused on the health of Illinoisans, the Great Lakes and national security: moving forward, addressing climate is going to be essential to addressing all of these issues,” said NRDC Action Fund senior advisor Henry Henderson. “The ads urge Senator Kirk to stand for these principles by supporting the Clean Power Plan. You can’t advance any of these issues without meaningful climate action.”

The NRDC Action Fund ad campaign hit the homepage of the Chicago Tribune last week and will be seen on the Chicago Sun-Times, Champagne News-Gazette, State Journal-Register in Springfield, and the Daily Herald this week. The campaign also includes a heavy social media presence and a letter that includes business and national security voices urging the Senator to support climate action.

Recent bipartisan polling shows Illinoisans are ready to fight climate change and advance clean energy by an overwhelming margin. Sixty-six percent of Illinoisans support the Clean Power Plan itself, and when informed that states can create their own plans to meet the pollution reduction goals of the Clean Power Plan, a whopping 83 percent of Illinoisans said they support their state developing a plan to reduce carbon pollution, as well as increasing the use of clean energy and energy efficiency.

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