Running Clean Candidate Video Release, Full Report to Be Released April 9th

Running Clean Candidate Video Release, Full Report to Be Released April 9th

Contact: Melissa Harrison, NRDC Action Fund, 202-513-6278, [email protected]

Running Clean Candidate Video Release, Full Report to Be Released April 9th

NRDC Action Fund Releases New Videos with U.S. Senators Mazie Hirono & Tim Kaine

WASHINGTON (April 4, 2012) – In the 2012 elections, U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono (D- Hawaii) demonstrated that America’s leaders can run on and win with a clean agenda which fosters good jobs, healthy families, conservation and a more sustainable future. In anticipation of Running Clean, an in-depth report and video series to be released on April 9th, the NRDC Action Fund is previewing a video with U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), one of the four candidate videos complementing the upcoming full report.

“Senator Hirono highlights how investing in clean energy job creation, protecting our environment and public health and conserving our natural resources is a winning political strategy,” said Heather Taylor-Miesle, NRDC Action Fund Director. “We are now just a few days away from releasing the full report and additional videos which will be the roadmap for future candidates on how to support these issues because it’s not just good policy, it’s good politics.”

To view the video interview: Senator Hirono

As a sneak peak, the NRDC Action Fund is also releasing a short clip of U.S. Senator Tim Kaine’s video, which will be shown publically for the first time at a press conference featuring NRDC Action Fund Executive Director Peter Lehner and NRDC Action Fund Director Heather Taylor-Miesle on April 9th in Washington, DC. To view the clip: Senator Kaine

Due to space limitations, media interested in attending the press conference must RSVP to Melissa Harrison at: [email protected]. If you are unable to attend in person, a conference call number will be provided. Additional details regarding the press conference will be released on Friday, April 5, 2013.


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