The Climate Voters’ Handbook: Colorado

The Climate Voters’ Handbook: Colorado

The fight for our climate starts in Colorado.

Colorado must lead on climate action. As wildfires, heat waves, and droughts harm our communities and grow worse by the year, we don’t have a minute to spare in taking action. We need to elect leaders who understand the urgency of the situation and are ready to position Colorado as a climate action trailblazer.

What happens in Colorado’s election this year impacts the entire country. The outcome of our key races will determine our state and nation’s abilities to take timely action on climate change. We need to end our dependence on fossil fuels, speed up the transition to renewable energy, and reduce emissions from our transportation system. We need pro-climate leaders in office to make all of that happen.

Recently, we’ve seen historic progress from the federal government on climate action. The Inflation Reduction Act is the biggest investment in clean energy and climate justice in our nation’s history. We’ll need leaders at the state and federal levels to make sure that those investments are rolled out in the strongest way possible. But the Inflation Reduction Act alone is not enough.

We must continue to invest in climate action to stop the worst impacts of extreme weather events. In Colorado College’s 2022 State of the Rockies Conservation in the West Survey, 82 percent of Colorado respondents indicated they think climate change is a serious problem. This election, we can make sure that our elected officials represent this broad desire to see climate action.

Learn more about what’s at stake in Colorado during the midterm elections this November and how you can take action:


THE WHEN: Important dates

Don’t know if you’re registered to vote? Want to request a mail-in ballot? You’re in the right spot to have all your logistical questions answered! Check out this list of key deadlines and resources to make sure you don’t miss the chance to vote by November 8.

Make sure to…
By this deadline
More info
Register to vote
Online: Monday, October 31, 2022
By mail: Postmarked by Monday, October 31, 2022
In person: November 8, 2022 (Election Day)
Ballots drop
County clerks will begin sending ballots to registered voters on October 17, 2022
If you’re registered to vote at your current address at least one week before the election, you’ll automatically get a ballot in the mail.
You can vote in person, by mail, or by dropping your mail-in ballot off at a drop box.
Submit your mail-in ballot
To mail in: We recommend mailing it by November 1 to be sure it arrives on time.
To return to a drop box: Tuesday, November 8, 2022, by 7 p.m.
Ballots must be received by your county clerk no later than 7 p.m. on November 8; postmarks don’t count.
Election Day: voting deadline
Tuesday, November 8, 2022, by 7 p.m.


THE WHO: Meet the candidates

We must face the climate crisis head-on by electing environmental champions who will put Coloradans before the profits of polluters. The following candidates have impressive records of fighting for a cleaner, healthier, and more equitable climate future.


Running for U.S. Senate
Senator for Colorado since 2009

Why we support Bennet

  • The Inflation Reduction Act that was signed into law this year is the country’s biggest action on climate change in our history—and Bennet worked to secure many key measures in this legislation that will benefit Coloradans. He secured $4 billion in funding for drought mitigation in the Colorado River Basin at a time when water insecurity threatens more people. He also helped shape provisions to boost clean energy and storage manufacturing.
  • In the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Bennet worked to ensure the inclusion of funding to develop a national charging network for electric vehicles. As transportation is the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions, the inclusion of this policy is critical to achieving our climate goals.


Running for U.S. House of Representatives (CO-07)
State Senator for Colorado since 2019

Why we support Pettersen

  • In her time in the Colorado legislature, Brittany has consistently fought for climate action and environmental protection. She was a lead sponsor of the 2018 Climate Change Preparedness and Resiliency bill to reduce emissions and collect data to better understand climate impacts. She has also voted for bills that support electric vehicles, increase building energy efficiency, and much more.
  • Pettersen has long been an outspoken champion of public health. Her voting record in the legislature underscores this commitment, including in her support of a bill to prioritize public health and safety in the regulation of oil and gas drilling.


Running for U.S. House of Representatives (CO-06)
Representative for Colorado since 2019

Why we support Crow

  • Climate-fueled disasters are causing damage and threatening communities across the West. As these extreme events become more common, states and Indigenous tribes need more funding to prepare and protect their communities. Crow is leading the charge to provide funding for disaster preparedness offices. His proposal includes $1.2 billion in funding for states and tribes that request it.
  • Colorado is home to some of the country’s most spectacular outdoor spaces and Crow has taken steps to invest in conservation and restoration. His Outdoor Restoration Partnership Act would create or sustain more than two million jobs in the outdoors and invest in forest and watershed restoration.


Running for U.S. House of Representatives (CO-02)
Representative for Colorado since 2019

Why we support Neguse

  • Neguse has stepped up as a leader on climate change and conservation at every opportunity, bringing Coloradans’ interests with him in his many leadership roles. He was appointed to serve as a member of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, he founded the Bipartisan Wildfire Caucus, and he is the Chairman of the U.S. House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands.
  • He championed the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act, successfully getting it passed through the House of Representatives. This bill would protect 400,000 acres of public land, including 73,000 acres of new wilderness areas.
  • In addition to his climate and conservation leadership, Neguse has been a leader in protecting and expanding voting rights throughout his career—an issue that is all the more important as the attacks on our democracy increase.


Running for U.S. House of Representatives (CO-08)
State Representative for Colorado since 2019; pediatrician

Why we support Caraveo

  • As a physician, Caraveo understands the public health impacts of climate change and has been a leader in organizing doctors around the issue. She was named a Champion of Change by President Barack Obama for her work with the Union of Concerned Scientists, advocating for climate action.
  • As a state representative, Caraveo continued her work to protect public health. She was a lead sponsor on a bill to create greater oversight of chemicals used in oil and gas drilling. She also led several bills to expand access to health care.

Important note: This election cycle, the NRDC Action Fund focused on endorsements for key federal and gubernatorial races. We know there are other important races on the ballot, so we encourage you to seek out other trusted resources to help you learn about candidates in races we have not covered.

THE HOW: Take action

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THE RESULTS: As of November 16, 2022

We know that when it comes to fighting climate change and securing a clean and healthy future for everyone, every election counts. This one was no different. Democrats fought hard to retain their majority in the Senate, while Republicans are poised to take narrow control of the House of Representatives.

But a split Congress means leaders from both parties have a responsibility to work together to build a livable future for all. Now it is important to continue to push for equitable climate action and insist that both parties work to deliver a clean energy future. The NRDC Action Fund has a long history of working with bipartisan legislatures to achieve real climate progress. There is tough work ahead—but for now let’s celebrate the new and returning climate champions.

Here are the new and returning climate champions at the helm in Colorado:

  • Michael Bennet has been re-elected as senator.
  • Brittany Pettersen has been elected as representative for District CO-07.
  • Jason Crow has been re-elected as representative for District CO-06.
  • Joe Neguse has been re-elected as representative for District CO-02.

Our journey does not end on Election Day. We will continue to defend the wins and learn from the losses over the last two years. And we hope you will continue to support this work.

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